Car Windshield Replacement

Take advantage of our auto windshield replacement service in Olathe & Overland Park, KS & Kansas City, MO

When your car windshield needs replacement, it's necessary to fix it right away to prevent further damage and to avoid driving with impaired vision. You can bring your vehicle to Avision Auto Glass in Olathe & Overland Park, KS & Kansas City, MO to speak to one of our car windshield replacement and repair technicians. Our capable and friendly team can replace the glass on any part of the car and on a variety of vehicles, from the back window of a hatchback to the windshield of an RV.

On the fence between windshield replacement and repairs?

On the fence between windshield replacement and repairs?

If you're not familiar with your windshield's care, you might not know exactly what it needs. We can look over your windshield and decide whether to replace your auto glass or repair it based on our years of experience.

Every car may be different, but we are able to make judgment calls for each vehicle. Here are some of the factors we take into account when making car windshield replacement suggestions to our customers.

  • Size: Chips larger than 3/8 of an inch or cracks more than 3 inches long need replacement.
  • Location: Chips in your line of vision or cracks near the edge of the windshield, where they're likely to spread, require replacement.
  • Timespan: Chips and cracks can fill with dirt if they're neglected over time, making successful repair less likely.

When your windshield has severe issues, we'll recommend our auto windshield replacement service. Don't put off a repair or replacement that could save you from further cost and damage. Call 913-314-5720 now to ask any questions you have about our services or to receive advice about where to go from here.