Repair or Replace: When To Replace a Windshield

If you are unsure as to when you should either repair or replace a cracked windshield, this guide will give you the details you need to decide.

A crack in your windshield can be quite an annoyance. It can obstruct your vision, and fixing it will be an extra cost that you might not want to deal with now. This is the primary reason why people often put off fixing their windshields. However, if the crack is big enough, it might be illegal to continue driving, so you’ll need to get it repaired or replaced. If you’re unsure which you should do, read on to learn when to repair or replace a windshield.

When To Repair
If the crack or chip is on the smaller side, repairing your windshield is an option. If the damage only occurred around the point of impact, it’ll need to be smaller than an inch in diameter. If it’s an actual crack, it can’t be any longer than 12 inches. Either way, the crack must have only broken through the first layer of glass. If the breakage went all the way through, a repair wouldn’t be an option.

When To Replace
Once the damage has gone past the ability to repair, replacement becomes the only option. Larger cracks and ones that have gone through multiple layers of glass in your windshield can be quite dangerous. They can easily become bigger and even break entirely without too much external force. This is also the case if a smaller crack is too close to the edge of your windshield. The possibility of it getting worse goes up the further away the damage is from the center of the windshield.

Why You Should Act Now
There’s a reason why it’s illegal to drive around with a large crack in your windshield: it’s extremely dangerous. Not only could the windshield break, spreading broken glass all over you and your passengers, but it could increase your chance of an accident. Significant cracks can impair your overall visibility while driving. Plus, if it’s raining, that crack will reduce the effectiveness of your windshield wipers.
Here at AVision Auto Glass, we understand that this issue might come at an inopportune time, so we do our best to make getting a new windshield as painless as possible. Our windshield replacements are surprisingly affordable, and if needed, we can come to you to change them. Now that you know when to repair or replace a windshield, you’ll be more well-equipped to handle the situation if it ever arises.