5 Important Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Your car is a machine that needs scheduled maintenance to ensure that the parts are working properly and, most importantly, safely. The distance you have traveled in your car is also a defining factor that will dictate when certain things need to change or get an update. These important car maintenance tips you should know can prevent any problems and issues from developing that could ruin your commute and damage your car.

Tire Pressure

Your tires need constant pressure to ensure that your car rides smoothly and that the engine is not working too hard. A continuous maintenance check you can do is make sure that your tires stay at a pressure of between 30 and 34 psi, depending on the size and weight of your car. The system in some more modern vehicles will tell you when the pressure is low; you can go to a gas station and fix this easily.

Check the Oil Levels

Changing the oil and checking the levels are two different things. To check the oil levels and ensure that they are right, you can lift the hood of your car and pull out the measuring stick from the oil compartment. Cars with an electronic dashboard will tell you digitally if the levels are correct, how much distance you have left before changing the oil, and any other oil-related information.

Check for Cracks

It is important to take care of cracks on windows because you never know when a small item can hit it and make it shatter, putting your safety at risk. If you have a crack on your windshield or any of the windows, an auto glass service shop can fix or change your windows, depending on the situation. Professionals like us can assess your car and tell you what the best option is while saving you time and money.

Brakes Inspection

Something you need to pay special attention to is your brakes. These are essential components of your car that will make your trip safe and more enjoyable. If you feel like your car shakes when you step on the brake pedal or the brakes make scratching noises, have a professional inspect them to find the issue. Worn-out cushions could damage the disks, and these are expensive to replace.

Window Wipers

Wipers are necessary for your car, and sometimes, these go unattended. An important maintenance tip for your car is to check the wipers at least once a week to ensure they are working properly. Even if the area where you live doesn’t get a lot of rain, these will allow you to maintain a clean windshield and eliminate anything blocking your view.