Will a Cracked Windshield Pass Inspection?

You must pass security checks to ensure that your vehicle complies with security rules and regulations. Owning a vehicle takes work. Keeping it up to date with maintenance and features will make your experience more enjoyable.

Some car parts require constant attention, from blinkers to fluids. You even need a properly working horn for a good result during inspections. Problems like a cracked windshield during an inspection might make you look bad. In this article, we will review how cracks are assessed during routine inspections.

Size of the Crack

A windshield with a crack that partially or completely blocks your view create problems during the inspection for security reasons. If the crack is in a spot where it doesn’t compromise the windshield, it will pass inspection. Other aspects of the crack contribute to how people assess your vehicle.

Fix the Crack

The best way to ensure that your car will pass inspection is by fixing your glass as soon as possible with the right help. Shops with windshield repair in Kansas City, MO can help.

An assessment from a professional will determine whether you need to replace or repair your windshield. Either process will leave your windshield in an optimal condition. Replacing a windshield comes with a warranty that covers any other problems for a period.

Working Wipers

Passing an inspection with a cracked windshield should be easy if the crack does not affect the wipers. When you get a crack on the windshield, you must be careful when checking the wipers. Depending on the crack, wipers could weaken or hit the glass at a certain angle that could cause it to expand the crack and possibly shatter.

The angle at which the wipers hit the crack could contribute to the crack’s severity. Even with the crack, the wipers must still effectively clean your windshield. If the wipers get stuck on the crack or have a significant bend, this will jeopardize passing the examination.