The Difference Between Windshield and Window Glass

The windows in a car serve different purposes, depending on where they are located on the vehicle. Regardless, they all must be able to deal with unique situations and provide protection. Each vehicle is designed with specific safety factors that will prevent you from getting injured in the event of an accident.

Various types of glass perform in different ways to provide different levels of protection. Windshield and window glass differ in several ways, from their manufacturing processes to the level of protection they are expected to provide.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass consists of at least two layers of glass that provide the window with its strength. Most vehicles feature this type of glass in their windshields to protect the driver from insects or small pieces of debris that may fly at the car while driving at great speeds.

If laminated glass breaks or cracks, it will not shatter into a thousand tiny pieces. It will still crack, but it will hold itself together for a long time, allowing the driver ample time to reach an autobody shop and have the glass fixed. Replacing a cracked windshield is essential for ensuring good visibility and avoiding accidents. However, if the crack is small enough that it won’t impair visibility, you can continue to drive without problems.

Tempered Glass

Almost every other window in a vehicle will use tempered glass instead of laminated glass. This type of glass has improved strength and unique properties that come as a result of the heating process and chemicals used to produce the material. Driver-side and passenger-side windows are the most likely to cause injury in the event of a collision, as these are the windows that people typically sit closest to. 

Tempered glass will shatter into thousands of tiny, round pieces under impact to prevent injuries.

Which One Is Better?

Both types of glass have unique characteristics that prioritize your vehicle’s safety and performance and your comfort. The difference between windshield and window glass mainly lies in how well they react to damages and how they work to prevent injuries.

If you need to replace the windows in your vehicle, reach out to experts who can help you choose the right glass for the situation. Contact Avision Auto Glass for professional auto glass services in Kansas City, MO. We have the right solutions and reliable processes to ensure the safety and performance of your car.