The Challenges of Replacing Windshields in the Modern Era


With technology developing quickly, different industries must keep up with updates and other processes to stay relevant. Designers and engineers first created and implemented windshields to protect the driver and the car from flying debris. Today, windshields feature additional characteristics that make them even more reliable.

The challenges of replacing windshields in the modern era stem from added technologies and materials that provide a new experience for the driver. Depending on the make and model of a car, windshields may feature certain characteristics that make replacement a longer and more detailed process.

Connection to a System

Windshields provide protection from exterior elements flying at high speeds. Today, they can also display images and information via a connection to the main system. Newer vehicles have wires running all over the windshield, allowing the driver to manipulate temperature and tinting options. Mounting a new windshield requires more knowledge on behalf of the driver to optimize the car’s performance.

Non-Glare and Anti-Reflecting

Modern windshields feature characteristics that make it safer to drive under certain weather conditions. Some cars come with a speed display that reflects directly onto the driver’s side of the windshield. This display requires a non-glare finish to avoid distractions, distortion, and reflection from cars driving in the opposite direction.

Rearview Mirror Attachment

Every car must feature a rearview mirror to safely monitor other vehicles in traffic. Rearview mirrors in previous models were only able to give the driver a different perspective of the road so that they could change lanes or park correctly. In newer models, rearview mirrors have a small computer that attaches to the windshield; working with an auto glass service shop is the best option when dealing with sensitive equipment and devices such as these.

Specialized Windshields

With new brands, models, and makes hitting the market constantly, windshields have become even more specialized and unique in recent years. What used to work for different models doesn’t make the cut anymore. A big challenge of replacing windshields in the modern era is that every model requires certain specifications, making it hard for shops to maintain an inventory of all the different types.

Higher Performance

Windshields also evolve with new designs and properties, making cars more efficient and optimizing characteristics. Technology allows for more developments and enables new features to transform the present. With cars reaching new speeds and traveling for longer, the future of commuting starts with safety and a strong windshield.