Dependable Auto Fleet Glass Service

We offer reliable auto fleet glass services in Olathe & Overland Park, KS & Kansas City, MO

If you need someone to take care of an entire fleet of cars, whether it be a dealership or a truck fleet, you can count on Avision Auto Glass. We have offered dependable auto fleet glass service in the Kansas City region for over 15 years, and our work reflects our experience. When you use our fleet service for your company, you can simply call us as soon as one car or more needs service. We offer discounts based on the number of vehicles we work on for a price that doesn't break your budget.


Depending on the severity and location of each piece of glass damage, we may recommend various auto fleet glass services listed below.

  • Window and windshield repair - depending on the size and location, certain cracks, chips, and flaws can be repaired.
  • Windshield and window replacement - for instances when the damage is at risk of spreading further or impairing vision.
  • Other glass feature replacement - for miscellaneous glass pieces that need repair.
  • Mobile windshield repair services - for when the damage is too bad to move the car from its current location.

Include us in your car repair process

Include us in your car repair process

Sometimes a fleet vehicle needs more than its windows worked on. If one of your vehicles needs other repairs in addition to our standard auto fleet glass services, we'll happily remove the damaged glass to create a safer environment for your car repair pros to work in. Then we'll install new glass when their repairs are finished. Add our auto glass services to complete your fleet service options.

We've earned a reputation in the Kansas City area over the last 15 years for our reliable, next-day repair and replacement services. Speak with one of our experienced and friendly technicians today to learn more or ask questions about our fleet glass service in the Kansas City region, including information about our bulk discounts, and adding our glass service to your routine car repairs.