A Brief Guide to Different Types of Windshield Cracks

Nothing is quite as annoying as minding your own business while driving down the road when suddenly a crack forms on your car’s windshield. It could have been from an airborne pebble or simply from time and stress on the glass. 

Either way, you’ll need to find a company like ours specializing in car glass repair. Before you do, though, you’ll need to know the different types of windshield cracks that exist, so you can better explain yours to the repair service. This brief guide is here to do just that for you. 

Bullseye Hole 

If a piece of debris hits your windshield hard enough, the end result will most likely be a bullseye-shaped hole. Usually, these cracks only go through the outer layer of glass, but in extreme cases, they can go even further into your windshield. These cracks often occur when the rock or debris remains lodged in the window after the initial impact. 

Star Break 

When the impacts aren’t as severe, either due to the debris or your car not moving as fast, the crack that forms will most likely look like a star. These star breaks are usually pretty minimal, and depending on their location, you might not even notice them right away. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t repair them, though. Any crack can become larger over time. 

Half-Moon Crack 

Star and bullseye cracks are two ends of the impact spectrum. The type of crack you get if the force of the debris was somewhere in between these two types is known as a half-moon crack. Another reason why cracks might look like this is if the pebble came in at a weird angle. Either way, these kinds of cracks can be just as detrimental as the others. 

Long Crack 

Now it’s time for the most distinct type of windshield breaks in this guide: the long crack. Most long cracks occur when the glass goes through extreme changes in pressure or temperature. If someone completed a new windshield installation the wrong way, these cracks could also occur. More often than not, though, long cracks happen after a smaller impact crack isn’t taken care of right away. 

Once these cracks reach over 15 cm long, a full-scale replacement becomes your only option for fixing the breakage. That’s why you need to call your local windshield repair shop as soon as possible.