5 Ways To Easily Prevent Vehicle Windows From Fogging

When driving, you must utilize most of your senses to ensure you can overcome any obstacle and threat. Vision is the most important of these senses, so ensuring it’s not impaired while you’re driving is the key to safe travel.

One way to ensure good visibility is to keep your vehicle’s windows clear. These five ways to easily prevent vehicle windows from fogging will help you stay safe while driving.

Anti-Fog Spray

An anti-fog spray is a simple and convenient way to prevent your windows from fogging, especially if you live in a humid environment. To use this product, just spray your windows with a thin coat and let it dry. And don’t worry: you can use anti-fog spray as much as you want without damaging your glass.

Hot Air

Aiming hot air directly at your windows and windshield will quickly reduce fogging inside your vehicle. Most vehicles should have a defroster setting that blows hot air at the front and rear windshields to dissipate the fog and provide a clear view.

Defroster Wires

Newer vehicle models have defroster wires embedded in the back glass to prevent and eliminate fogging with the simple touch of a button. Because of their simplicity, using the defroster wires is an easy way to stay safe with great visibility. If your vehicle does not have defroster wires installed, you can easily add this visibility-enhancing feature with a windshield replacement.

Cleaning Your Windows

Dust and debris on your windows will reduce your visibility by worsening the effects of fog. Cleaning your windows regularly will keep them free of dirt that could scratch your windshield, which helps fog cling better. Using your vehicle’s window-cleaning feature is another simple way to prevent your vehicle’s windows from fogging.

Shaving Cream

A little-known trick is applying shaving cream to the windows to prevent fogging. Spread the shaving cream over the glass using a cloth and move it in small, gentle circles until the cream is no longer visible. This technique prevents fogging for up to a week, and you can apply as much as needed without damaging your mirrors and windows.