5 Car Cleaning Tips You Need To Start Doing Right Now!

Maintenance is essential for your car to keep running smoothly, and keeping it clean will make those scheduled maintenance trips less frequent. You can carry our car cleaning practices that don’t take much time and will benefit both your car and wallet. Read about these five car cleaning tips to extend your car’s life against the elements and ensure you have a smooth and safe ride.

Wash It Weekly

Sun, dirt, and debris can cause your car’s paint job to chip, lose color, and eventually accumulate uneven spots. Wash your car at least once a week to get rid of any elements that could irritate the paint and metal in your vehicle. Bird droppings and dust could quickly affect your car’s exterior if they sit for long; avoid this with a quick trip to the car wash or do it yourself for a nice and fresh-looking car.

Clean the Interiors

A quick and easy way to clean your car’s interior is with a portable vacuum. These little machines will cut the time in half you spend cleaning the interior. Nothing speaks better than a clean and fresh-smelling car. Eliminate spots with carpet stain removers and clean away dust with a wet microfiber cloth. If possible, don’t eat inside your car to avoid messy crumbs and stains.

Keep Windows Clean

Visibility is essential when driving; you can add water repellent to your windows to avoid water stains that contribute to poor visibility. If you have a small crack on your windshield or any other window, take care of it as soon as possible; one small rock on the road could become a huge problem. Contact an auto glass repair company to fix any issues and keep your car’s performance at its best.

Clean Tires

Small objects can damage your tires and create more significant problems. Check your tires constantly and look for rocks stuck in the cracks or nails penetrating the tire. Finding and removing these in a timely manner could save you from replacing the tire, and a quick fix will do the job. Car cleaning tip is of the utmost importance to avoid accidents.

Avoid Heat

Your car’s interior and exterior can deteriorate from heat; park your car in a tree’s shade for better protection whenever possible. Heat will wear out your car’s interior. If you have leather seats, you could suffer from a first or second-degree burn from contact. Constantly cleaning the interior will prevent food, lip balm, and even gum from creating a more significant problem by melting.